Nicole Aniston is a petite blonde California babe. At 5’3″” and 135lbs, this Virgo is almost tiny enough to give a blowjob without getting on her knees. OK, you might have to be 6’6″”, but nonetheless, Nicole is a pint-sized hottie. Nicole got her breasts augmented from a C cup to a D cup, making her a full 34D. Given her height, with tits that big, she is practically falling over. Entering the industry in her early 20s, Nicole had been working as a banker and decided that if she was going to count money it should be her own. She started off with a modeling profile and quickly got requests to perform. In 2010 she was in her first XXX movie called “”Glamour Solos”” from Girlfriend Films. The movie was a series of scenes of solo girls masturbating.

Miss Aniston appears in scene 11, rubbing and probing her pussy with her fingers. Thereafter, she jumped into “”Official Californication Parody”” by Diabolic Video.

Aniston’s first porn parody led her to many other XXX parodies, such as “”OMG… It’s the Flashdance XXX””, “”Tomb Raider XXX””, and “”This Ain’t the Smurfs XXX””. Even if they are funny, there is a lot of hardcore fucking, titty sucking, pussy licking, cock sucking, and dildo playing.

Despite her wild fucking on film, Nicole Aniston is more subdued in her personal life. With a preference for average cocks, she looks for a real love connection. Though she is straight, she will have sex with superhot women off camera if she is super horny.

Nicole Aniston career

Nicole quickly made the top lists in porn because of her incredible beauty, big tits and super-sexy body.

Nicole Aniston is a hot busty blonde born and raised in California. Although she is an American girl, her marvelous looks are of European descent. She is part German and part Greek, which explains her golden hair and her calm eyes which are an interesting mix of blue and green. Her real name is Ashley Nicole, but she used the stage name Nicole Aniston because of her resemblance with the famous Jenifer Aniston, but she’s also looking a bit like the blonde version of Megan Fox. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, with long legs, round butt and busty chest. She currently packs a pair of 34D knockers but it wasn’t always like that.

Back in 2011, after she made some money from the adult industry, Nicole decided to invest in her career and she got herself some bigger boobs, going from C cups to D cups. When it comes to extra look features, Nicole likes to keep herself somehow natural, although she has a couple of small tattoos around her neck and left wrist.

From the Bank to the Set

Nicole tried so hard to be a good girl. She stayed in school and then got a nice job as a customer support specialist in a bank. However, the corporate life wasn’t for her and she decided to live her dream and perform in erotica productions. In 2010 she got her first parts, for minor studios and companies. Loving the job, she decided to aim higher. After her boobs implants, she landed a contract with Bang Bros for the Bang Bus series, in the 35th episode. With that part she was noticed by Penthouse who gave her the title of Pet of the Month in August 2012 and in 2013 she became the Penthouse Pet of the Year.

Nicole Aniston part put her in the spotlight and landed her contracts with some of the biggest networks of the adult industry, including Naughty America, Brazzers and Twistys. She is now one of the most wanted and well-known models in the business, nominated in multiple times for XBIZ and AVN Awards.

Because of her passion for the job and her acting skills, Nicole gets lots of roles in porn parodies. She performed in adult versions of blockbusters such as: Thor XXX, This Ain’t The Smurfs XXX, This Ain’t Fox News XXX, Xena XXX and Thomb Rider XXX. Nicole Aniston loves what she’s doing and in case you’ll finish all her filmography, which includes over 200 titles, you should know that she’s not planning to quit the industry anytime soon.

An Intelligent and Independent Hot Woman

One of the curious things about Nicole Aniston is the fact that she doesn’t like to be identified as a porn star. She prefers the term “adult actress/co-ed model”, not because she considers herself an artist, but because she doesn’t like the stigma of a porn star, that involves prostitution, addictions and nightlife abuse. She is an empowered woman that took control of her career and transformed it into a business. Her goal in the industry is to empower women and help them take control of their sexuality. She is very close to her fans, without being an attention whore. Nicole has strong opinions on society. She is an anti-vaxxer, like many LA celebrities, and she would like to get rid of the present day pharmaceutical industry.

She works hard to maintain her beautiful body, and she works even harder to resist her addiction to chocolate.